Saturday, July 31

marrowing at Peep/Show


is up at Peep/Show

If there are any readers of this blog
they will notice that marrowing
is a radical rewriting of the
blogging bach pieces

marrowing is my next book, I think.


Jim McCrary said...

dude, top of the list at sillimans blog today....your next book....marrow on.

and more like it for sure.

take care

Jim McCrary said...

top of sillimans list today, aug 2...marrow on dude....

and more for sure

all best

Liz Brennan said...

Hi MaryRose. Do you remember me from Bard? I really like your work, just stumbled on it from Ron Silliman's blog. I live in Sonoma County, CA about an hour north of SF. I'll look you up next time I get to Portland. in the meantime, you can check out my occasional blog. Best wishes, I'm glad I found you - Liz