Thursday, July 19

Annandale Dream Gazette

What if the dream is something else as well? Not individual, not a message from God or from the archetypes or from the soul. We hear Freudians speak of the language of dream, but what if dream is language, is language the way language is language: systematic, intentional, focused on saying something. What if dream is above all, exactly as language is, social. This is the aspect of the dream that is seldom considered, dream as arising from the speaking back into a community, a community of native dreamers (so to say).--ROBERT KELLY

Annandale Dream Gazette

Monday, July 16

Roberta Olson's Some Numerous Dwarf Rippings

7 X 7.5
Edition of around 80

FLASH+CARD is proud to announce the publication of Robert Olson's new chapbook, Some Numerous Dwarf Rippings

Roberta Olson is the author of the chapbook All These Fair and Flagrant Things, published by etherdome press in Oakland, CA. Her poetry has also appeared in numerous publications including Talisman, Untitled, Facture, Bird Dog and Monkey Puzzle. Her work has been anthologized in Cross Cut Anthology and Steaming Light, a Raven Chronicles supplementary issue. She lives with her husband, poet John Olson, in Seattle.

This book was a delight to publish. Thanks Roberta!