Sunday, January 23

Maryrose Larkin and Cedar Sigo at Spare Room, February 6th

Spare Room presents

Maryrose Larkin
Cedar Sigo

Sunday, February 6
7:30 pm

Open Space
2815 SE Holgate Blvd.

$5 suggested donation 

Maryrose Larkin lives in Portland, Ore. where she works as a donor researcher. She is the author of Inverse (nine muses books, 2006),Whimsy Daybook 2007 (FLASH+CARD, 2006), The Book of Ocean(i.e. press, 2007), DARC (FLASH+CARD, 2009) and The Name of this Intersection is Frost (Shearsman Books, 2010). Maryrose is one of the organizers of Spare Room, a Portland-based writing collective, and is co-editor, with Sarah Mangold, of FLASH+CARD, a chapbook and ephemera poetry press. She is currently working on  "Twenty Questions for Five Masters" a play for Language Master and voice.

Cedar Sigo is 32 years old. His books include Goodnight NurseSelected WritingsPortraitsExpensive MagicSlivers, and most recently Stranger In Town. He has blogged for SF MOMA and The Poetry Foundation. He lives in San Francisco.

Upcoming Readings

2/12: Memorial reading & celebration for Leslie Scalapino (sponsored by Reed College and Spare Room)
3/13: Canarium Books: Robert Fernandez, Ish Klein, Joshua Edwards & TBA
3/27: Barbara Henning and Will Owen


Broken how                                                
and I cant

grey blinked
and mixed into                       

then less than against
her crossing ladder  alone              

the sentence swimming           
until the concrete cracked

joy contained wilder
a self-eyed wave

reading as reading
greater than

spinning or standing
less than cell
spun framed and found
Maryrose Larkin


Light turned up on the green wall, I was

careful when shaving letting the hairs grow out

till late afternoon. I have done some drinking for sport

nothing that’s crippling. Off nights I enjoy a light

solution cognac before bed. The balance of pressure

must be taken up by the skull, every seat filled

in my (too small) theater. Cloth chosen & hung on nails.

Carriage Entrance. The diamonds as I drew them had great

cross-hatching lines both front & back of the range.

I saw a lone flower & wanted some stray & bloody stripe

mass produced, per request. A simple cut back garden,

split a pot of tea & further my fortune. I could just not

give up all the inanimate, innumerable obsessions. Nor keep on

with the same sorts of poems. Get me my radio

I want to listen to some professional music.

Cedar Sigo