Wednesday, October 23

Margin Shifts and Circuit Riders Thursday and Friday

THURSDAY: Seattle poetry collective Margin Shift presents 
Maryrose Larkin and Standard Schaefer

IdentificationofGhosts 215 331   NotebookFalsePurgatories-215-331

Hedreen Gallery at Seattle University

901 12th Avenue, Seattle

Thursday 10/24/2013
Reading begins at 7pm
Admission is free.

Portland poet Maryrose Larkin's books of poetry include Identification of Ghosts (Chax, 2013) and The Name of This Intersection is Frost (Shearsman Books, 2010). Larkin is a founding member of Spare Room, a Portland-based writing collective which has presented more than 150 writing events over a ten year period. She is also co-editor, with Sarah Mangold, of FLASH+CARD, a chapbook and ephemera poetry press. Larkin has worked collaboratively with a variety of visual and musical artists, including the bands Kaya Onieda and Activity Universal Associations. She is currently working on "speaking buildings," a part of which is a collaboration with visual artist Anna Daedalus that was selected as part of the Art in Rural Storefronts project of Art Center of Corvallis.

Portland poet Standard Schaefer's books of poetry include The Notebook of False Purgatories (2011) and Water & Power (Agincourt, 2005). His first book of poetry, Nova, was selected for the 1999 National Poetry Series and published by Sun & Moon Press. Schaefer's poetry has been translated into Italian and anthologized internationally. He has co-edited several literary and arts journals including Ribot, New Review of Literature, Rhizome, and Or and has taught writing and literature at Otis College of Art in Los Angeles and California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

FRIDAY: Daedalus and Larkin 
Circuit Rider Walking Reception and Talk 

Reception and Artist Talk

7pm, Friday 10/5/2013
Brownsville Arts Association
225 N. Main St, Brownsville, OR

Circuit Rider Walking is a collaborative window installation that collages poetry and photographic images by Anna Daedalus and Maryrose Larkin. This project combines Daedalus’ painterly images of Oregon landscape with the poem Circuit Rider Walking written by Larkin about the town and people of Brownsville, its history and the history of 333 North Main St. It is also a continuation of Larkin’s Speaking Buildings - a literary installation project which creates site-specific poems for buildings based on the intersection of the building’s windows, history and language. For Daedalus, the project is part of the ongoing series, Night Tree.

Tuesday, October 1

Circuit Rider Walking a collaborative project with Anna Daedalus

from Brownsville, Oregon city website

We'll be installing on Friday!

I've been given a wonderful opportunity by The Arts Center in Corvallis and The Brownsville Art Association.

As part of the NEA Rural Arts Initiative, Anna Daedalus and I are creating a site specific Speaking Buildings poem/collage for the building that once held the Bank of Brownsville. The Art in Rural Storefronts project has also received support from the Oregon Arts Commission

The project, named Circuit Rider Walking, is a combination of rural Oregon nature images and a poem I'm writing based on language found in the historical records of Brownsville.
I owe a special thanks to the Linn County Historical Museum, without whom this work would not have been possible.

The project will be installed on the window at 333 North Main Street, Brownsville, Oregon October 5th through December 31st. Anna and I will be presenting an Artist Talk and Reception on Friday, October 25, 7 pm at the Brownsville Art Association  255 North Main Street, Brownsville, Oregon

Tuesday, September 24

Identification of Ghosts Publication Party AND LitHop PDX Reading

Although I haven't seen it yet, I'm so very happy to announce that my new book The Identification of Ghosts, has arrived in Portland.

I'll be reading at the Spare Room Chax Benefit Reading/Book Party at the Blackfish Gallery, 420 NW 9th Ave, Portland, OR 97209, this Friday. The event starts at 6:30, and I'll be reading in the first set, likely around 7:15. Chax readers from all over the Northwest will be here.

I'm also reading as part of the If Not For Kidnap crew at LitHopPDX on October 2nd. I'll be live at The Thorne Lounge at 7:30.

I am so excited I am refraining from exclamation points.

Sunday, June 9

kathryn l. pringle and Donald Dunbar Tonight

Spare Room Presents

kathryn l. pringle
Donald Dunbar

Milepost 5
Denizen Gallery
Sunday, June 09, 2013
$5 donation, no one turned away

kathryn l. pringle lives in Oakland, CA. She is the author of fault tree (winner of Omindawn's 1st/2nd book prize selected by CD Wright), RIGHT NEW BIOLOGY (Heretical Texts/Factory School), The Stills (Duration Press), and Temper and Felicity are lovers.(TAXT). Poems can be found in Denver Quarterly, Epiphany, Fence, Mrs. Maybe, Phoebe, and fiction can be found inManor House Quarterly and horse less review. Her work can also be found in the anthologies Conversations at the Wartime Cafe: A Decade of War (WODV Press), I'll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing by Women (Les Figues), and  The Sonnets: Rewriting Shakespeare (Nightboat Books). In 2013, she was a very grateful recipient of a gift from the Fund for Poetry.

Donald Dunbar lives in Portland and helps run If Not For Kidnap. His book, Eyelid Lick, won the 2012 Fence Modern Poets Series prize, and his chapbook, Slow Motion German Adjectives, is recently out from PDX-based Mammoth Editions. He teaches at Oregon Culinary Institute in Goose Hollow.

Thursday, February 28

13 hats speaking buildings reception March 1st, 2012

temporary texts 12 x 16 gallery showing with 13 hats march 1 through 31st 3 receptions and more info here 12 x 16 gallery 8235 SE 13th Ave. No. 5  Portland, Oregon 97202. This is part of a larger project in progress both inside and outside my head called "speaking buildings"

Thursday, January 24

Temporary Text 1 (Temporary Winter 30)

Temporary Text 1 (Temporary Winter 30)
An installation

Opening Reception Tonight January 24, 2013 as part of Ripen; a Milepost 5 show as part of the Fertile Ground Festival
Milepost 5, 850 NE 81st Ave, Portland, OR 97213

We look through windows into a larger world, we look through panes of windows as if they were individual worlds, and we also see our own reflections.

Language, weather and perception are similar constraints

And in again

For a window to function as language, for text to function as mirror, for words to function as weather

This installation as a failure of materials a set of words acting as imperceptible or barely legible or as if weather moving or as if breathe moving or as if time

A building in need of a font to describe and shelter

And out again

This is a the first in a series of window and text based projects that explore the intersection of windows and texts

What happens between a person and a window?
The person sees the window, sees through the window, and sees her self reflected in the window.

What happens between a person and a text?
The person reads the text, reads through the text, and sees her self reflected in the text. 

This installation owes much to Jai Milx (my ghost arms) and to Lindsay Hill (instigator of the temporary text method) and to GLUK Fonts (the creator of SPINWERADthe open source font I chose to represent the history of this building)

The “permanent” or source text for this installation can be found in my book The Name of ThisIntersection is Frost (Shearsman books, 2010)

This installation is an interesting failure.

Tuesday, January 1

Cure Fraction in Yew Jounal

Carolyn Guinzio did a lovely job of creating illustrations to accompany my poem Cure Fraction at Yew Journal . I'm always humbled by the work of others.