Thursday, December 11

non bachian interlude

memory:   trauma a shred system
lost catechism

                 chromatic careen

Wednesday, December 10

Blogging Bach II: Bach Knot I (33 minutes)

Blogging Bach II: Bach Knot I (33 minutes)

in the lost platform of the sky

alley dove as bow line
f(x) where x equals island or imago

trailing arrows
possible and/or impossible

a winter other
here in the coveted where 

I am velocity

ciphers and sound

Tuesday, December 9

blogging bach II (2014; 26 minutes)

the perpetual optimism of
o bring me back the river

expression is
a challenge to
the great decline to
the diminished & terrified momentum

and the self part becomes music

sky coax once where wash once
the spread notes
a city plucked

of the internal
perpetual optimism of

the object itself  an observation of the making of the object

coaxing  where once  erasing          an absence  how