Thursday, October 6

Group Reading: Oregon Coast Council for the Arts

I'll be part of this reading tomorrow. In the remote chance you are on the central Oregon Coast, please join us!

Oregon Coast Council for the Arts
777 NW Beach Drive, Newport · (541) 265-6540
Oct. 7, 4pm

“PICTURES AND WORDS: Ekphrastic Poems & the Art of Robert Tomlinson & 13 Oregon Poets”

The Oregon Coast Council for the Arts hosts “Pictures & Words, Ekphrastic Poems & the Art” highlighting Robert Tomlinson’s paintings from three series completed over the last seven years: “Coda,” “Subjects Not Objects” and “E.” All are made with oil stick, pastel, chalk, pencil and acrylic paint on 30” x 44” archival paper. 

In his abstract images, there is evidence of Tomlinson’s unique vocabulary of shapes. He refers to these as his own private language, created from the subconscious but inspired by many visual marks easily seen every day – from the backs of trucks, clouds, and water patterns on the street to shapes in a garden and graffiti.  

“Ekphrasis,” writing that comments upon another art form, is the rhetorical device in which one medium of art tries to relate to another. Oregon poets David Abel, Karen Clausel, Jennifer Coleman, Lydia Foster, Maryrose Larkin, Laura LeHew, Nancy Carol Moody, Eileen Peterson, Kathryn Ridall, Jenny Root, Joanna Rosinska, Standard Schaefer and James Yeary have written poetry in response to Tomlinson’s artwork.