Saturday, April 4

April 4th

work     as a thing    startles
as a completed now    

is this whispering
what is more  curative
or closer to death       

is desire
what is graceless
little known haphazard
as a thing    

the random would be
kinder and more beautiful

what is more

the habit
is not a place of chance

what stands before chaos       

startled compulsion 

Friday, April 3

APRIL 3rd: good friday (27 minute)

as we forgive those
with unspeakable wreathes

this chalice bloom hounded and drawn
as mercy’s theft

strips us of grace and unrequited love

cover us with my thorny portion
as pursued trespass against

but physical pain
hounded and redrew

in mystery as I cross with joy

Thursday, April 2

pril 2nd: keybord (15 minutes)

to stumble through
& no
double u or exits
up the turnpike

on the left mirror
for this
cloudless visit
eyes &;
blooming closer or limitless

seen self seen other
in the pupil
in the future

Wednesday, April 1

April 1st, 2015 (21 minutes)

is this day
smaller than sky
but larger than  errors

is the moment
a solution for the
grey and early birds

is your head is a
liminal hem on the self

when set it between us
do we call it a hem flesh

and I also wondered if
I were singing for my supper