Thursday, January 24

Temporary Text 1 (Temporary Winter 30)

Temporary Text 1 (Temporary Winter 30)
An installation

Opening Reception Tonight January 24, 2013 as part of Ripen; a Milepost 5 show as part of the Fertile Ground Festival
Milepost 5, 850 NE 81st Ave, Portland, OR 97213

We look through windows into a larger world, we look through panes of windows as if they were individual worlds, and we also see our own reflections.

Language, weather and perception are similar constraints

And in again

For a window to function as language, for text to function as mirror, for words to function as weather

This installation as a failure of materials a set of words acting as imperceptible or barely legible or as if weather moving or as if breathe moving or as if time

A building in need of a font to describe and shelter

And out again

This is a the first in a series of window and text based projects that explore the intersection of windows and texts

What happens between a person and a window?
The person sees the window, sees through the window, and sees her self reflected in the window.

What happens between a person and a text?
The person reads the text, reads through the text, and sees her self reflected in the text. 

This installation owes much to Jai Milx (my ghost arms) and to Lindsay Hill (instigator of the temporary text method) and to GLUK Fonts (the creator of SPINWERADthe open source font I chose to represent the history of this building)

The “permanent” or source text for this installation can be found in my book The Name of ThisIntersection is Frost (Shearsman books, 2010)

This installation is an interesting failure.