Monday, April 2

Maryrose Larkin & Allison Cobb @ Annie Bloom's Books, Thursday, April 5th 7pm

Maryrose Larkin 
Allison Cobb

read at

7834 SW Capitol Hwy
United States

April 5th 7 pm

Portland poet Maryrose Larkin is author of Book of Ocean (ie press), The Name of this Intersection is Frost (Shearsman Books), Darc (FLASH+CARD), and Marrowing (airfoil). Her next book, The Identification of Ghosts, is forthcoming from Chax Press. She is a member of the Spare Room Collective, as well as a co-editor of Flash+Card press.

Maryrose is interested in  moving through the procedural into the unknowable.

Allison Cobb is the author of Born2 (Chax Press, 2004) about her hometown of Los Alamos, New Mexico, and Green-Wood (Factory School, 2010) about a famous nineteenth-century cemetery in Brooklyn, New York. The New York Times called Green-Wood “a gorgeous, subtle, idiosyncratic gem.”

Cobb’s work combines history, nonfiction narrative and poetry to address issues of landscape, politics, and ecology. She was a 2009 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow and received a 2011 Individual Artist Fellowship award from the Oregon Arts Commission. She works for the Environmental Defense Fund. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

Saturday, March 3

Peaches & Bats Publication Party Sunday 3/4/2012 at mother foucault's bookshop

Tattoo by matthew amey

Spare Room presents
"Speeches and Pabst"
a publication party for 
Peaches and Bats #9

with readings by

Chris Ashby
Maryrose Larkin
James Yeary

and editorial interrompules by
"The Firm & Aerie"

kindly hosted by
Mother Foucault's Bookshop
523 SE Morrison St.


Thursday, February 9

Barbara Guest Marathon Reading Feb 11 and 12

a marathon reading of Barbara Guest's Collected Poems
February 11-12
3-8 p.m. each day

in the kitchen at YU
800 SE 10th Ave., Portland


On Saturday and Sunday, February 11-12, YU and Spare Room will present a two-part marathon reading of The Collected Poems of Barbara Guest (Wesleyan, 2008). Now in its tenth year, Spare Room organizes a monthly reading series at various locations in Portland, focused on experimental poetry. In recent years they have hosted marathon readings each winter, inviting members of the community to lend their voices to a new rendition of an existing text. Recent marathons have been devoted to single book-length poems, including H.D.'s Helen in Egypt, Clark Coolidge's The Crystal Text, and Charles Olson's Maximus Poems; this year's marathon presents the lively and varied life's work of an influential poet who worked mainly in shorter forms.

Barbara Guest (1920-2006) was a poet, art critic, novelist and biographer often associated with the New York School(s) in poetry and painting. Her work reflects a lifelong engagement with modernism in visual art and music as well as in literature, and is marked by a unique combination of audacious abstraction, vivid synesthesia and comic energy. Her posthumous Collected Poems brings together over twenty books published between 1960 and 2005. Readers from Portland's poetry community will read the book aloud from beginning to end over two afternoon sessions, each beginning at 3 p.m. and continuing till about 8, at YU's spacious kitchen table. Listeners are encouraged to come and go as they please, stopping by for a few pages or a few hours.


              understanding what it means
              to understand music

cloudless movement       beyond the neck's reach

an hypnotic lull in porcelain          water break          mimics

tonality       crunch of sand under waddling

               a small seizure               
               from monumentality

               does not come or go with understanding
         --Barbara Guest, from "Dissonance Royal Traveler"

Guest's language does not merely describe, it presents the reader with the means to see in an entirely new way. 
--Erica Kaufman, Poetry Project Newsletter

Monday, January 30



Indpendent Publishing Resource Center
917 SW Oak St #218, PortlandOR 97205
February 2, 2012 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Sandra Gibbons is a comics artist, writer, and reader who lives and works in Portland. She grew up in rural New Jersey and fled west to attend Evergreen State College. She has been poring over Tender Buttons for years now.

OBJECTS from Tender Buttons features work from an ongoing comics-adaptation of the book Gertrude Stein first published in 1914. In Tender Buttons, prose poems where conventional syntax, grammar, and fixed meaning are lost in abstract meditations on color, form, and everyday objects. The book has enjoyed healthy controversy for nearly a hundred years, as a foundational cornerstone of experimental writing.
Sandra Gibbons borrows Stein’s literary abstractions and expands them in the realm of comics. She responds to the poems through her own lexicon of imagery and experiments with meaning and sequence. The series stands as an act of love for a challenging and fascinating book.

This show marks the publication of OBJECTS from Tender Buttons, released by FLASH+CARD and c_L, two local small presses.

Free and open to the public!

Saturday, January 7

ghosts and ghosts

Two pieces of my long poem The Identification of  Ghosts can be found in

Horse Less Review 10

and in


The Identification of Ghosts will be published by CHAX PRESS!!!

Thank you Jen, Jen, and Charles.