Wednesday, May 5

bitter imago

Puncture: red candy apple subcutaneous bitter or amber side faltering ember flawed

Icarus: is a word she can’t remember stirring green to yellow the profound push to red fingertips outlined against the eyelids.

drops dead over and over again
and winds up staring through limbs alive at blue

Imago Bitter: The main character is a self hating continent.

The Main Character: during afternoon so flawed. The afterimage of being alive.

Icarus: To cover the eyes and stutter into the future.

Imago Bitter: The main character is bathed in burnished knowing forward head first down in ruins and numb.
She falters and her hands surround the head

New Ember: sorrow to forward head first. She hears crows thinks Icarus

Imago Bitter: blue ladder back chair, and its reflection in panic and utter panic
Feckless admission in her throat a specter rise and sets

The Main Character writes

Dear new ember,

Heaven to hollow out fall.

So few words at 2:34. I am a real added to an imaginary where the imaginary is not zero. Ember stay warm, during this winter where we move towards and away the afternoon has filtered out roof lines and
tile lights and a life I can’t imagine and can’t recant.

Take Care,

The Main Character