Friday, January 16

Spare Room 100!

Spare Room's 100th Reading

The Spare Room reading series celebrates seven years of presenting experimental writing in Portland with a marathon hundredth reading

Spare Room organizers past and present (with friends) will read

100 Poems by 100 Poets from the Past 100 Years

Sunday, January 25

starting at 2:00 pm
ending when we finish (6:00? 7:00?)

Free admission

Gallery Homeland
(at the Ford Building)

2505 SE 11th Avenue


> From Helen Adam to Louis Zukofsky, from Futurism to Personism, from Hiroshima to Blackhawk Island, from a Polish count to a Peruvian communist, from Dada to MoMA, from prisoners of war to secret agents, from mimeographers to bloggers . . . come hear a small but representative slice of the extraordinary range of poetries practiced in the past century!

Readers will include:

David Abel
Meredith Blankinship
Joseph Bradshaw
Alicia Cohen
Gale Czerski
Laura Feldman
Patrick Hartigan
Lindsay Hill
Rodney Koeneke
Maryrose Larkin
Sam Lohmann
Jesse Morse
Mark Owens & crew*
Chris Piuma
Dan Raphael
James Yeary

* sound poetry performers:
Leo & Anna Daedalus
Tony Christy
Linda Austin
Lisa Radon with
Neville, Molly, & Oskar

and more . . .

Reading poems by:

Helen Adam
Charles Amirkhanian
Guillaume Apollinaire
Hugo Ball
Ted Berrigan
Mei-mei Berssenbrugge
Robin Blaser
Nicole Brossard
Basil Bunting
Anne Carson
Constantine Cavafy
Joseph Ceravolo
Theresa Hak Kyung Cha
Inger Christiansen
Robert Creeley
Beverly Dahlen
Robert Desnos
Francois Dufrene
Robert Duncan
Russell Edson
Jennifer Crystal Fang-Chien
Kevin Goodan
Linda Gregg
Bill Griffiths
Barbara Guest
Carla Harryman
Dick Higgins
Ake Hodell
Fanny Howe
Susan Howe
Philip Jenks
Karen Kelley
Aleksei Kruchenyk
Gerrit Lansing
Jackson Mac Low
Bernadette Mayer
Marianne Moore
Christian Morgenstern
Harryette Mullen
Susan Smith Nash
bp nichol
Lorine Niedecker
Alice Notley
Frank O'Hara
George Oppen
Michael Palmer
Bob Perelman
Dennis Phillips
Laura Riding
Joan Retallack
Gerhard Rühm
Diana Saenz
Frank Samperi
Aram Saroyan
Kurt Schwitters
David Shapiro
Charles Sharpe
Ron Silliman
Gustaf Sobin
Jack Spicer
Gertrude Stein
Wallace Stevens
Rhett Stuart
Cole Swenson
John Taggart
Nathaniel Tarn
Alberta Turner
César Vallejo
Lew Welch
Hannah Weiner
Jonathan Williams
William Carlos Williams
C.D. Wright
Araki Yasusada
Louis Zukofsky

and many more!