Tuesday, October 1

Circuit Rider Walking a collaborative project with Anna Daedalus

from Brownsville, Oregon city website

We'll be installing on Friday!

I've been given a wonderful opportunity by The Arts Center in Corvallis and The Brownsville Art Association.

As part of the NEA Rural Arts Initiative, Anna Daedalus and I are creating a site specific Speaking Buildings poem/collage for the building that once held the Bank of Brownsville. The Art in Rural Storefronts project has also received support from the Oregon Arts Commission

The project, named Circuit Rider Walking, is a combination of rural Oregon nature images and a poem I'm writing based on language found in the historical records of Brownsville.
I owe a special thanks to the Linn County Historical Museum, without whom this work would not have been possible.

The project will be installed on the window at 333 North Main Street, Brownsville, Oregon October 5th through December 31st. Anna and I will be presenting an Artist Talk and Reception on Friday, October 25, 7 pm at the Brownsville Art Association  255 North Main Street, Brownsville, Oregon